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Krupa-Pathram : Urgent Need Of A New Shed For Rescued Cows

Devotees will recall the Krupa-Pathram endeavour pioneered by Sri Vittaldas Maharaj (Sri Anna) at Sri Vittal Rukmini Samsthan, Govindapuram, a few months ago, through which abandoned or rescued cows could be brought to the Gokulam Goshala and would be sheltered, treated and nurtured back to good health by loving hands in the sacred ambience of the ashrama.

Please click on the link below to hear Sri Anna's message explaining the Krupa-Pathram initiative.

Krupa-Pathram received enthusiastic response and many bhaktas joined hands to strengthen the Gokulam Goshala through their small but regular contributions. At present, the number of cows being sheltered under the Krupa-Pathram initiative is 115. The shelter facilities currently available at the Goshala have been used up and the newly-arrived cows are moving freely inside the ashram. This cannot continue indefinitely as we have to build a proper shed for them to rest under and to protect them from the elements.

We had begun constructing a shed for cattle shelter and had completed the construction until the beams but due to lack of funds, the work had to be stopped. Also, funds had to be prioritised for fodder purchase. Now the shed is acutely needed for proper care and upkeep of the Krupa-Pathram cows.

This shed, measuring 6000 sq ft, will cost over Rs 15 lacs to build and it has to be done within a short time. This can be possible only with the combined efforts of all bhaktas.

Come, let us join hands and give this noble initiative 'Krupa-Pathram' a boost !

Please contribute towards this noble cause of sheltering the Krupa-Pathram cows and nurturing them back to health.

In this way you can contribute to the preservation of dharma and protection of our ancient Vedic culture.

The benefits flowing to you from this punyam will be reaped by your family for generations to come.

TO CONTRIBUTE : Kindly send us an email at krupapathram@gmail.com giving your name, address, email id and mobile number. Or call us on : 9944173944 ( Sri Panchapakesan) or Sri Krishna Murthy: +918825893004.

We need your commitment very soon - within a week or so, because we cannot delay. Remember, each day of delay might cost a life that could have been saved.